Eurotramp Ultimate 6mm DMT

This is the newest FIG certified 6mm bed double-minitramp from Eurotramp. This is a breakthrough for double-minitramp gymnasts and competitors and is a worthy investment in terms of welfare, performance and robustness. This model is currently used on the national and international competition circuit.
Manufacturer: Eurotramp
SKU: EuroUltimate6mmDMT
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Introducing the brand new FIG certified Ultimate Double-Minitramp with 6mm bed from Eurotramp. This is a milestone for double-mintramp gymnastics and a worthwhile investment in safety, performance and durability.

Double-Minitramp (DMT) is a fast and exciting gymnastics discipline with competitions held at national, international, through to World Championship level.

  • The DMT frame is 350 x 190 x 70 cm and made of special galvanised steel
  • 6mm Jumping bed
  • 98 steel springs (length 235 mm x 28.5 mm) and 4 strengthened corner springs (length 258 mm x 39 mm)
  • Total weight 152 kg
  • Roller Stands
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